Every month paid up members can submit up to two set subject and two open images, either digital or prints into the monthly competition. The images are sent away and critiqued by PSNZ trainee judges, then both points and feedback given for each image at the next club meeting to assist us to grow and learn our craft. 

All members are graded A, B or C grade to give members of different experience an even chance at the end of the year competition for most points. When you join the club you start as a C grade unless you are graded at another PSNZ affiliated club then your grading will carry through.

To promote from C to A you must obtain two honours from the monthly critiques for either your set subject or open entries.
To Promote from B to A you must obtain a further 4 honours 
To keep your A grade status you must receive 3 honours in 12 month period or you will be demoted to B.

Points are awarded as follows
Honours                                     5 Points
Highly Commended                 4 Points
Commended                              3 Points
Accepted                                    2 Points
Not Accepted                            1 Points

A yearly Competition Program or Competition Rules are available for download as a pdf document here or click on the buttons below.