Submission Requirements 

Download as a PDF Image Submissions Guide

To avoid disappointment please make sure to size and name your images correctly as per the process below.

We use the PSNZ guidelines for digital image submissions which help to prepare you for submitting to other salons and national competitions. Please note failure to submit images correctly may result in them being “not accepted” or awarded a lower grade depending on the judge.

Note images should named with a title that befits the image, depending on the judge appropriate titles can make up a significant proportion of the overall critique and points.

You may submit up to 2 prints, or 2 digital images, or 1 digital and 1 print for the set subject and up to 2 prints, or 2 digital images, or 1 digital and 1 print for the open category.

If submitting  a printed image please send through a digital image to the photo convenor, filename starting with the word print then the normal filename as below. ie Print_A_SamplePhoto_Set_May_JH.jpg

The email address for submitting images is , images sent to other email accounts (such as committee members private email accounts) will not be accepted. Digital entries must be received by Sunday 10pm prior to the club meeting.

All pictures must have been taken in the previous 24 months of the submission date and only submitted once for one category, with the exception of entries for six ways and our end of yesr competition for our December meeting.

Prints are to be submitted by Monday 12am following the club meeting to the prints co-ordinator for shipping to the appropriate judge.

All images will be critiqued and awarded points from an external judge and the results will be displayed along with the images at the next meeting. Points will be accumulated towards an award at the end of the year.

Points are awarded as follows

Honours                               5 Points

Highly Commended           4 Points

Commended                       3 Points

Accepted                             2 Points

Not Accepted                     1 Point

Non accepted images may be resubmitted in the following months

PSNZ guidelines for image sizes specify

The new limits for digitally projected images are now a maximum of 1620 pixels on the horizontal side and a maximum of 1080 pixels on the vertical side. Please note that these are maximums only and you can resize your images to any dimensions you like within those limits – e.g., 1620 x 1080 pixels for 3:2 landscape format, 1080 x 1080 pixels if you want a square format, etc.

This new sizing applies to all digital projected image entries in PSNZ sanctioned events – i.e., Natex, PSNZ Regional competitions and Salons, Canon Online, and Honours Board submissions.

Prints must be submitted in a matte frame of maximum dimensions of 50x40cm (20x16in) and minimum print size of 180x125mm (5x7in). Remember the presentation of the prints and matte frames are taken into consideration when judging so take care with your presentation.

Naming your images

Different computer systems handle file names differently. So for maximum compatibility please follow the guidelines below for correct naming of your images –

  • You may use uppercase, lowercase and numeric characters
  • The following characters are illegal /?<>\:*|”%{}@=+’# – do not use them in file names
  • Do not use spaces, instead use underscore  _ or hyphen – as separators.
  • Do not start or end your filename with a space, period, hyphen or underscore.
  • Ensure your file has the extension .jpg
  • Your grade must be the first character of the filename in lowercase with a hyphen.
  • Followed by the name of the photo, do not use spaces, use underscore or hyphens.
  • Followed by “Set” or “Open”
  • Followed by the month of entry.
  • Put your initials or name at the end of the filename.

Correct samples:
a-sample_photo-Set-May-JH.jpg                  a-sample-photo-set-may-jh.jpg                  a_SamplePhoto_Set_May_JH.jpg

Incorrect samples:
A sample photo? Set may jh.jpg                  a-sample photo-set-may-jh.jpg                         a “sample photo” set may JH. jpg

No full size resolution digital photos accepted!
Please ensure you name and resize them correctly before emailing.
Incorrectly sized images may not be accepted or may be awarded a lower grade depending on the judge.